36th IGC 9-14 July 2028 Melbourne, Australia

IGU Regional Conference 17th-21st August 2026 Istanbul, Turkey

35th IGC 25-30 August 2024 Dublin, Ireland

IGU Thematic Conference 3-5 June 2024 Quito, Ecuador

IGU Thematic Conference 20-23 August 2023 Mexico City, Mexico

IGU Thematic Conference June/July 2023 Milan, Italy

IGU Thematic Conference March 2023 Osaka, Japan

IGU Thematic Conference in Mahendragarh, India

24-25 November 2022

Theme: Sustainability, Future Earth and Humanities: Opportunities and Challenges

Below sub-theme under sustainability is sponsored by the T&G Commission.

Transport, Mobilities and Sustainability

UGI-IGU Paris 2022, France

18-22 July 2022

Theme: Time for Geographers Website:

Travel Grant Award Winners

2020 Istanbul conference travel grant awardees 

Amparo Moyano (Spain)  $  800 

2022 Paris conference travel grant awardees

Karyn Scerri (Malta) $600

Arthur Starzec (UK) $600

Surjaa Chakravarti (India)  $1,000

Elda Vivianna Tancredi (Argentina) $1,000

IGC 2021 Istanbul, Turkey

16-20 August 2021 (a virtual conference)

Sessions convened on the below thematic topics:

  • Transport Geography and Climate Change
  • Urban Transport Geography
  • Transport and Social Equity: Pathways to Fair, Just, Inclusive and Accessible Mobilities
  • Mobility-as-a-Service: shaping the future of cities
  • ‘Be a hub or die’ – The polarizing transport connectivity and its impacts in megacity regions
  • Long-distance travel issues
  • Transport and the environment

For the full programme of the conference, please click the below link.

The Commission AGM was taking place on 20th August, 10:00 (GMT) and 17:00 (GMT), click the below link for agenda.

2021 IGU T &G Commission

Online Workshop “Visualising Transport Geography”& Business Meeting

Friday, 19 March 2021

The commence times in different time zones: East Coast Time (8am*); London Time (12pm); Beijing Time (8pm) (*due to the daylight savings taking effects from 14 March in the east coast of USA, the convening time has been updated from EST 7am to EDT 8am.)

The Transport & Geography Commission of the International Geographical Union kindly organised its first online seminars. The event was successfully held via Zoom. Overall around 70 participants joined the meeting.

IGU 2018 Quebec City, Canada

6-10 August 2018

Sessions convened on four thematic topics

  1. Big data for mobility studies: Applications and Critical Perspectives (convened by Ana Condeco Melhorado)
  2. Airline networks, distances and technological change (convened by Frederic Dobruszkes)
  3. Effects of transport investment on regeneration and social inclusion (co-convened by Richard Knowles, Chia-Lin Chen & Wojciech Keblowski)
  4. Impacts of High Speed Rail (co-convened by Andrew Goetz & Chia-Lin Chen)

IGC 2016 Beijing, China

21-25 August 2016

Sessions convened on six thematic topics

  1. Smart Cities and Transit Oriented Development (convened by Richard Knowles (University of Salford, UK) and Becky Loo (University of Hong Kong, China))
  2. Comparative Air Transport Geographies: China and other BRIC Countries (convened by Jiaoe Wang (National Resources Research, Beijing, China) and Frederic Dobruszkes (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium))
  3. Comparative Air Transport Geographies: China and Europe/North America (convened by Jiaoe Wang (National Resources Research, Beijing, China) and Frederic Dobruszkes (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium))
  4. Transport and Social Equity (convened by Karen Lucas (University of Leeds, UK) and Pengjun Zhao (Peking University, China))
  5. Transport, Logistics and Global Consumption Networks (convened by James Wang (University of Hong Kong, China))
  6. High-speed Rail: Accessibility and Regional Development (convened by Jin Fengjun (China) and Teqi Dai (China))

IGU 2015 Moscow, Russia

IGU 2014 Krakow, Poland

IGU 2013 Kyoto, Japan

IGU 2012 Cologne, Germany

IGU 2011 Santiago, Chile

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