About US

Our Mission

Our mission is to share and disseminate transport geography research at a global level in conjunction with a wide range of national transport geography research groups and other IGU Commissions.

The Commission’s research focuses on transport, mobilities and spatial change and relates to geographic theory with specific attention paid to the interrelationships between spaces and places and flows and infrastructures. Build on the existing objectives, the commission has an increased focus on contemporary transport geography issues relating to:

  • climate change
  • social equity
  • spatial change and inequality
  • new ICT and transport technology including autonomous vehicles
  • transport and land use.

It involves the analysis of transport policies, processes and behaviours that influence the movement of people, goods and information. This research includes all modes of transport, at local, regional and global scales. Environmental, welfare and energy questions, and social, economic and governance dimensions are also investigated.  

We encourage a wide array of quantitative and qualitative approaches, support cooperation with other fields and disciplines and make a large scale and growing contribution to IGU and other transport geography meetings and conferences.

The dissemination of the Commission’s work includes publication of books, research journal papers and journal Special Issues.

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